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Daphne, Thumper, & Mozart

This week's client spotlight is showcasing last month's session with Cheryl and her 3 dogs. Cheryl works closely with several shelters to foster and find loving homes for dogs in need. She has many of her own, including some "failed fosters" that she adopted during their foster period in her home. Her love for dogs is outmatched and is keenly documented in her session.

Cheryl's initial inquiry was for her beloved, older-gal, Daphne. Daphne is 15 years old with Lymphoma, but she is still so perky and treat motivated in her old age. She's been doing well, but our time with our beloved canine companions is never enough -- these memories will last forever.

Cheryl also brought Mozart and Thumper; both sweet, spunky, and loving life.

You can really see all the love Cheryl has for her dogs, and getting to document that admiration is a blessing.

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